Sustainability, why is it so hard?  

We’re doing our bit; we’re working as a team to develop solutions that make our events more sustainable. We’re working with suppliers to reduce the impact of our events. We explore how we can make transport to events carbon neutral, how the materials used in our badges can be sustainably sourced and responsibly recycled, we create sponsorship packages to offer digital branding to avoid single-use print and we work hard to repurpose event materials that could have another life following an event.

These are just a few examples of what we adopt as standard, but it’s tough. You just have to google ‘eco anything’ to be inundated with options on greener choices for anything you could ever need for an event, but hours and hours of research then have to go into finding out why it’s a greener choice, if it is in fact a more ecologically sound option and how the product can be recycled following its use. It’s no secret that words like eco, green, recycled, reduce, reuse are all buzzwords used to attract you and make you feel like you’re making the ‘right choice’ but where’s the resounding reassurance that it’s not just marketing and that there’s substance behind the wording?

‘Greenwashing’ is a term you might be familiar with; when information is provided about how a company’s products are more environmentally sound, but the information is an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that the products are environmentally friendly. It’s a minefield.

Sadly, if you’ve read this far hoping for some conclusion, I apologise – there isn’t one. This blog was fuelled by frustration and fatigue, why is it so hard to feel reassured that you’re actually making consciously sound decisions when it comes to purchasing and protecting the environment? We’re open to suggestions, we’re here to learn, we’re prepared to put in the time and effort to find the resolution and we pledge to make changes that don’t fall short – we just need the support from our network to help us on our quest.
It’s not all doom and gloom – there are many who are leading the way, there are free resources that exist to help you when you don’t want to contribute to landfill. Here’s a few that we use: is made up of more than 5,000 local town groups with over 9 million members across the globe. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Membership is free, and everything posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages.
Facebook marketplace – if you have a facebook account this is a great way to find, sell and repurpose items that have otherwise served their purpose.
OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.
Magic Hat rescue surplus food destined for landfill. Their mission is to show you that this food should never have been wasted, and with a little love it can instead be transformed into fresh, colourful and delicious meals and drinks through their kitchen and market in Newcastle upon Tyne, an online shop and catering for events.
Shout out to the events industry – what can we do across our networks to make real, sustainable choices that make us feel good?

Wet noses welcome

People are preparing to return to the office, albeit with a more flexible attitude. But what of all those pandemic pups? With all the time spent WFH many chose to finally get that furry companion to enjoy quality time with, walking during lunch and curled up at their feet during those Zoom meetings. How will our four-legged friends manage now their human ‘work mates’ are returning to the office?

It’s a ‘new normal’ in lots of different ways, considering dog care is something that many businesses wouldn’t have previously been set up to manage. Do we now expect ergonomic desk chairs alongside plush dog beds? Should the coffee machine sit next to the treat tins? What if you mix your hobnobs with the woofles? And surely it’s a rare breed indeed but there are those who perhaps don’t get wobbly at the knees at the sight of a wet nose and waggy tail.

Here at BeaconHouse HQ, we’re dog lovers – it’s not a prerequisite to get a job here…but it helps! 50% of our team own dogs and that plays a big part in our office planning and staff wellbeing. There’s a certain vibe that comes over the team on a ‘dog day’, a kind of gentle excitement and overall sense of companionship that the occasional tail whip brings. A tough day can easily be improved by the sound of a soft snore from the fur ball in the corner and of course the cameos on a virtual event are excellent ice breakers.

We’re currently preparing a more structured return to an office, and our four-legged friends will be welcomed. This is just one of the things that we’ll be considering in our new workspace to adapt to the many changes we’ve faced over the past two years. Our team is our top priority, making sure the workplace fits the needs of the whole team (paws or not) is key. It’s a bit of an ethos of ours and one we always plan to stick to.

Side note; our office pooches have requested to feature more regularly on our social platforms. They reckon they do much for our wellbeing and don’t get enough air time. So if you feel like following the antics of Luna, Raven and Harry you know where to find them. 

BeaconHouse Gift Guide: The Local Edition

For the Eco-Conscious…

Buy The Kilo

These days we’re all looking for ways to UP our sustainability game, so start your sustainable shopping habits, and fill up on your Christmas groceries at Buy The Kilo in Tynemouth. With local art, and reusable cups on sale you might even tick another gift off the list.

For the Stylish Homemaker…

The Biscuit Factory

Find a gift that supports independent artists and makers this season – we particularly like their Maker’s Parcels, carefully curated design pieces, books and other trinkets all wrapped up beautifully

For those who like to drink their presents…

Brinkburn St Brewery

For the person who’s hard to buy for, there is always beer.

For the one and all…

If you are planning to go visit Ratty, Badger and Toad, all holed up within the windows of Fenwick, not sure if ‘For the difficult one’ is a hangover from the previous gift idea? Why not head to another North East stalwart? Some ungrateful gift recipients have strange taste, are notoriously picky and will be quick to openly mock a ‘wrong’ gift but here’s how to win their approval: a Gregg’s Gift Voucher. Always a crowd-pleaser (and is unanimously well-received as a Secret Santa gift). I don’t wish to disclose the tally of Festive Bakes consumed by the BeaconHouse office in only the first week of December, but perhaps we might need to gift each other a fresh fruit and veg delivery box.


Shopping Online?

If you are not ready to brace the cold, queues, or bright lights of the high street, our friends at NewcastleGateshead Initiative have launched the Virtual Christmas Market to bring together all our quality regional gift options.

Our favourite picks are;

Sage Gateshead Vouchers – the gift for music lovers.
Sponsor a Bee at Ouseburn Farm – a bee-utiful gift for nature fans


Luxury Afternoon Tea at Jesmond Dene House, need I say more.
Put their name centre stage with a named seat at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House for eternity.

Local Heroes Food Market, a box FULL of goodies.
One for the January diet perhaps – MEAT:STACK Gift Cards 
However your Christmas is shaping up this year, we wish you glad tidings, festive feelings and encourage you to shop local where you can. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

In praise of the Great British queue

In 2020, during the pandemic, we have taken our reputation for cool, calm, and collected queuing proficiency to the supermarket instead. Leading us to consider, what will it mean for events when we finally return to IRL? How do you enhance the Great British queue? Surely, it’s not possible?

Oh, but it is – with the right tools and technology…

  • Floor markings.

We have always been fans of floor markings for consistent branding, but now ours will not just have canny phrases, they will be used liberally to direct attendees and manage flow. Floor markings are the NEW pop-up banner. There, I’ve said it.

  • Registration overhaul.

We love a natter at registration, we are proud of our big ‘geordie welcome’. You’ll still get the same ‘warm’ welcome, just streamlined, with a reduction in the time spent at the desk – winner, winner.

  • Tech.

“There is an app for that.” There truly is. In some instances virtual queuing will be implemented, you will be notified when it is your turn to register whilst waiting in a socially distant area (probably in a socially distant, and very orderly queue).

  • What about lunch?

Registration isn’t the only time at events where Brits get to shine with queuing finesse. Certainly during ‘check in’ but what about breakout rooms? Lunch breaks? Comfort breaks? We’ve got you covered, our event risk assessments will plan to maintain a safe environment throughout the duration of the event, including schedule amendments to ensure regular breaks to reduce any congestion.

  • Outdoor.

Yes, outdoors is not always ideal, (*cue flashback to 500 delegates, sponsors and staff travelling to a 2-day conference during ‘The Beast From The East’*) but where possible we’ll be seeking out venues that boast suitable indoor and outdoor space as an option.

  • Control.

Control freaks, us? I don’t know where you’d get that impression…
Multiple entry points for different groups, timed entry, staggered lunches, splitting the day. There are so many options depending on the size of the event to make sure everyone is catered for and safe. It will be the exact opposite from boarding a flight with a budget airline with blue and yellow livery.

Queues 2.0 is a new discipline, another version of our ‘new normal, but let’s face it, we’ve been training for it our whole lives.

BeaconHouse Events earns Planet Mark certification

BeaconHouse Events has been taking positive action to reduce emissions since our inception in 2014, however working with The Planet Mark for their events we’ve been continuously improving across our portfolio of events with meaningful actions. Our increased focus on reducing our carbon footprint and adopting sustainable working practices has been hugely beneficial to our clients and delegates, and with the rise in virtual, online only events, we’re confident we’ll be reducing our emissions significantly this coming year.

The Planet Mark is also partnered with the Eden Project, the educational charity and award-winning international visitor destination, and centre for education in sustainability and innovation. Every business awarded the certification contributes 5 per cent of the fee to the Eden Project.

Last, but not least, with every new business certification, the Planet Mark protects an acre of rainforest through Cool Earth, the award-winning charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction.

Find out more about Planet Mark here. 

New Gateshead Quays details announced

New CGI videos and imagery released today show that the UK’s newest international conference and exhibition centre will be capable of hosting up to 5,000 delegates with a high level of flexibility across a suite of dedicated spaces.

The centre will include a 6,300 sqm pillar free exhibition hall, which has the capability to be divided into three smaller halls. Alongside this, there will be a 1,620 sqm conference hall, 990 sqm of stunning meeting and events spaces with views of the spectacular NewcastleGateshead quayside and its iconic bridges, and a dedicated 1,350 sqm outdoor events space.

Hailed as one of the country’s most exciting developments, the £260m project on Gateshead Quays will also include a 12,500-capacity arena, two hotels with 290 bedrooms, bars, restaurants, and other public spaces.

Councillor Martin Gannon, Leader of Gateshead Council, said: “The Quays development confirms the region’s reputation for world-class events. Gateshead Quays will capitilise on a conferencing demand that the region has been unable to meet and showcase the North East’s strengths to a global audience. The new images show just how unique and special the waterfront site is. An events setting like no other in the UK.”

Kerrin MacPhie, Head of Business Events at VisitBritain, said: “The Gateshead Quays development will create a huge opportunity for NewcastleGateshead, increasing its global reach to attract large-scale events from all over the world. This development is great for the business events industry in the UK and shows confidence within the market.

“The new centre will provide event planners with an exciting option in an already well-established destination within the business events industry and will have a positive impact on bringing more international associations and incentive groups to the area.”

A full planning application has been submitted for the 80,000 sq ft development, positioned between the BALTIC and Sage Gateshead, with a decision expected in Autumn.

If agreed at planning, Gateshead Quays will create approximately 2,000 jobs and inject a much needed £60m into the regional economy each year, as well as attracting an extra 300,000 visitors to North East England. As well as the direct impact, the development will support local businesses throughout the region – from hospitality operators to those in the events industry.

Those within the industry have welcomed the news, Catherine Coulter, Director of Newcastle-based event agency BeaconHouse Events, said: “We deliver over 100 events annually, with 85 per cent of those in Newcastle and the surrounding area, and we relish the chance to show off our region to international visitors bringing their events to North East England.

“New venue space is an exciting new asset that helps us attract business to the region, opening opportunities for us and our clients to create events that didn’t previously have a place here. Enticing new work to the quayside always brings the question – will our attendees be able to see the bridges? – having this impressive set up directly overlooking the Tyne and the iconic views is a fantastic attraction.

“In light of recent restrictions to mass gatherings; large, flexible event space that can handle alternate delivery considerations for ever-changing guidance on social distancing is essential. As much as we enjoy a challenge and responding to the new needs of our clients – developments like this on the horizon give us, our sector and the region something to look forward to for a brighter future for the events and hospitality industry in NewcastleGateshead.”

Paul Szomoru, Director of Business Events at NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau, added: “It’s fantastic to see these new details on what the International Conference and Exhibition Centre on Gateshead Quays will offer. To have 6,300 sqm of pillar free, flat floor space, along with other substantial spaces, with stunning views of the quayside is going to help us create iconic events. I am particularly excited by the outdoor events space, which I think in the current climate of social distancing will allow organisers to be very creative and original in their approach to networking, social events and even presentations.

“With it being set to open at the end of 2023, this is a bold confidence boost for Gateshead, Newcastle and North East England as we work towards economic recovery in a post-covid world. There’s no doubt that this is an impressive, world class investment, which will enable us to attract bigger national and international events in sectors that are strategically important for the region. Bringing such large-scale events allows us to showcase all North East England has to offer and gives us an opportunity to turn delegates into future leisure visitors, residents and investors.”

International venue and event management company ASM Global has already been confirmed as the operator.

Award-winning global architect, HOK, is designing the overall masterplan for the site, international conference and exhibition centre and the 12,500 capacity arena while AHR Architects are designing the state-of-the-art hotel which forms part of the masterplan. The project team also includes: Project Manager and Contract Administrator, Legends International; Lichfields, Planning Consultants; Gardiner and Theobald, QS; ARUP, structural engineers/ M&E and Vectos for transport planning.

For more information, full details on all the spaces and up to date news on Newcastle Gateshead Quays, visit

Work from home like an Event Planner

Get your tech right

We’re always on the go, so it didn’t require any planning for us to unplug laptops, ipads and retreat to the home office (ahem, dining room). We operate from the infamous ‘cloud’ and use Basecamp so we’re always connected, we can heartily recommend Basecamp. ‘Zooming’ is now commonplace, although I’ve already written a strongly worded letter to Dell regarding the location of the camera on my model, it’s somehow angled to get all of my chin(s), and with the current proximity to my fridge I feel personally victimised.


Always a favourite for the clipboard wielding event planners. Ours are obviously digital now in Basecamp, but the odd post-it with the three most important things to achieve in a day doesn’t go amiss.

1) Don’t turn on Netflix
2) Don’t turn on Netflix or sit on the sofa
3) Don’t turn on Netflix or sit on the sofa and get the blankets

Capsule your workload

Hugely popular across the BHE office, we ‘batch’ our workload due to the number of projects we work on. So programme in the diary work on specific projects/tasks, and plan out your day. You’re more accountable when there is an Outlook reminder telling you you’ve really got to find out where to source that huge pineapple. With fewer interruptions and a focus, it’s easier to complete tasks one at a time.


We’re used to working onsite so can set up a workspace anywhere, from a tiny bird hide in Kielder Forest, to the House of Lords, we’ve remotely worked all across the country. Once you’ve set boundaries in terms of workspace, you must also stick to time boundaries. Yes, you are saving on the daily commute, but you can’t extend the day as this isn’t always good for our mental health. You’ll be more productive in your working hours, rather than experiencing burn out. For lunch (and always take a lunch), get out of your workspace, take a turn around the garden, get some fresh air or finally sort out that sock drawer you’ve been putting off (yes that is my plan for Thursday and what of it?).

Don’t Isolate

Digitally that is. We’re used to being around people, they are at the centre of the business, so we have made it a priority. We have regular team Zoom calls scheduled in, get regular pup-dates from team members on Whatsapp, and ping each other regularly to make sure nobody is feeling the negative effects of working at home. So Carol, what did you have for lunch today??

Just remember having Netflix on the background, NEVER works.

COVID-19 Public statement

With the ongoing risk of COVID-19 worldwide, we are committed to hosting a safe and secure environment at each of our events for all delegates and guests.

Our team is now working from home, but continuing to support our clients to find solutions so we can postpone or go virtual and avoid cancelling events.

We are paying close attention to advice from the UK health authorities to play our part in helping look after the people in our team and around us.

16th March 2020, BeaconHouse Events

The Most Common #Eventprof Myths Debunked

Myth: Event professionals get paid to go to parties

Reality: That would be awesome, but no. Like many event organisers, we don’t just organise parties, we organise conferences, meetings, corporate events and SOME of these events have parties attached. Although we’ll be seen at a party, we are working, making sure everything goes smoothly, dealing with last minute problems and letting the client relax. The actual event is just the tip of the iceberg, behind any event there are weeks, months, or even years of organising, decision making and planning.

Myth: Event planners like spending money

Reality: You may have seen the 1991 comedy classic ‘Father of the Bride’ and the iconic exchange.

George: Ok, everything. How much?
Howard: [cutting out] – dred and – ifty a -ead.
George: You’re breaking up. It sounded like you said 150 a head.
Howard: No, no!
George: Good. I was about to kill myself.
Howard: It’s 250 a head.

But in reality, we aim to maximise impact for an achievable budget, and are always upfront and clear about costings. Across many of our events we turn a profit or surplus for our clients…and we wouldn’t ever push anything unnecessary, like perhaps swans waddling around the tulip border.

Myth: Event management is glamourous

Reality: Sampling menus, shopping for decor, networking with celebrities is the summary of our profession according to pop culture – thanks to Jennifer Lopez in ‘The Wedding Planner’. In real life we are more like ‘Oceans Eleven’ only there are no heists. The majority of the time we are working with tight budgets, short timelines, last-minute cancellations, outdoor installs in the bitter cold, 15 hour days. The profession does offer the opportunity to travel and meet very interesting speakers, so it’s understandable why those in a desk job may be envious!

Myth: Anyone can be an event organiser

Reality: Non-event professionals can throw a small gathering, but hey Baby George and his posse of two-year olds don’t have high standards. ‘I planned my own wedding’ you say, sure, but would you not rather have relaxed in those special days and not freaked out when Aunt Brenda decided she was a Fruitarian (subset of veganism – eats: fruits, nuts and seeds). Perfect, thanks Aunt Brenda.  Event planning requires a range of skill sets, including creativity, accounting, and having a fantastic ‘Voice of God’ tone for cajoling your guests into different rooms (props to Director Catherine, who has a history of doing voice-over work, and can really command the room). Within the team, we’ve got a range of experience from venue management, association conferences, project management and we’d like to think that we’ve got some of the best in the business, the crème de la crème, from over 500,000+ event professionals working in the UK sector. See it is a real job; there are loads of us.

What we can summarise [WARNING: not-so-humble brag incoming] is that event organisers are some of the hardest working, efficient and skilled people in the whole world! While we might hang out in the green room with Steph McGovern, and have fun scoffing a few canapés during an event, we have a hard-working ethic, are meticulous planners and our clients benefit from our creative flair and commercial acumen.

Why host an event in Newcastle?

Now I shouldn’t need to explain why the North East is quite so special, from the majestic, turreted castle and grand cathedral in Durham, you get the perfect vantage point from the LNER train (only 2h 50mins from London) to the criss-cross illuminated footbridges connecting the cosmopolitan and historic Newcastle and Gateshead, and vast landscapes and picture-perfect castle-lined Northumberland coastline. I think I once saw Hogwarts Castle through the mist, I’m sure of it.

Location and Transport

We’ll start with an obvious one. There are lots of reasons why the North East is an attractive proposition for anyone looking to host an event, product launch, conference or meeting – but one that gives event planners less of a headache in organising them is the mass of transport links across the region.

Need to fly there? Newcastle International Airport is only six miles northwest of Newcastle city centre, meaning that overseas guests have very little trouble traversing to the venues held within. With 80 direct destinations serviced, it’s not hard to believe that a lot of the passengers are there to attend one of the many events going on in the region.

It’s not just overseas guests that are helping fund the burgeoning Newcastle events scene. The city heavily benefits through Central Station connecting Newcastle to the rest of the country. The Metro service allows travel within the airport, Newcastle, coast and Sunderland.

Variety of Venues

Historically rich venues such as Newcastle Castle and the Boiler Shop have grandiose spaces to create a rich experience for guests. And as well as more traditional venues, NewcastleGateshead also plays host to quirky unusual venues such By The River Brew and Tyneside Cinema – not to mention the beautiful views from Sage Gateshead and the top floor at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

The range of venues doesn’t stop there; we’ve hosted events in breweries, theatres, football stadiums, forests and pop-up events on carparks. The scene certainly isn’t ‘grim nor boring up North.

But really, why?

Of course, lots of cities have great public transport links and diverse venues, so surely that can’t be the only reason it’s so great for holding events? You’re right it’s not. But I raise you the famous warm Geordie Welcome. It may sound cliché, but it is true, Newcastle is the friendliest place on earth. We have museums, we have culture, we have restaurants of stellar quality (that won’t cost the earth), and the urban panorama of the bridges silhouetted against a rosy sunset is unrivaled.

If that hasn’t convinced you – we are certainly on a roll in the city, with Greggs opening the first Newcastle drive-thru. We know easily accessible sausage rolls (and vegan rolls) would tempt anyone to host their event in the land overseen by the Angel of the North.

Dates for your diary 2019

But here are the most important ones – the BeaconHouse organised events! Five hotly-anticipated events, essential for your diary are listed below, and we’ll be announcing some more top secret projects we have been working on in the coming months…

The Chronicle Sunshine Fund Glass Slipper Awards
22 February

BIM Show Live & BIM Awards
26-28 February

STEAMD Symposium
13 March

Dynamo Dinner
14 March

Build IT Right
4 April

8 Christmas Party Ideas

From scavenger hunts and mulled wine to a Harry Potter themed do, if you’re looking for something different we’ve put together eight cracking party ideas to ensure your end of year celebrations amaze and show your appreciation for colleagues and guests…(and steer Sandra from Accounts away from ordering that vodka ice-luge in the shape of a teeny Gino D’Acampo).

Scavenger Hunt:
Whether you’re planning your own adventure, or buying an affordable pre-planned guide from Treasure Trails scavenger hunts are a surprisingly fun way to spend an afternoon – especially when they finish at the pub. We’d recommend they start at a pub too, and maybe visit one and/or a Greggs for a festive bake in the middle.

Ugly Sweater Party:
Celebrate the awful with an annual turkey curry buffet and horrific sweaters! Everyone is instructed to wear their ugly sweater – prizes for the most impressive. If you’ve got a Scrooge in the office you might want to procure some back up hideous sweaters and other embarrassing props for good measure. The Chronicle Sunshine Fund are in the middle of their Christmas appeal which aims to raise much needed funds to buy specialist equipment for children in the North East – we’ll be supporting on 14th December. Make like Mark Darcy and pull out that seasonal sweater with the office team for a good cause. Text ‘KNIT18 £2’ to 70070 to donate.

Apres Ski:
Winter is the season to be jolly (tra la la la la), but it isn’t easy to keep jolly when there’s a gale battering your every whim. Perhaps a cosy mountain retreat would provide welcome respite, how handy that there is one on Swan House roundabout. Antler the Alpine haven promises mulled wine, a hearty menu of schnitzel and currywursts. Treat your colleagues to Alpine luxury in the heart of Newcastle, think traditional ski lifts in the heated outdoor garden, wintry ferns and hot chocolate. A winter wonderland and a magical dining experience for those who have embarked on the mountainous excursion of 2018.

Let’s Get Mulled:
Not one to mull over…a mulled party! Mulled wine, mulled cider…what else can you mull? Shortlist have handily mulled every kind of alcohol and can recommend Jagerbombs, Guinness, prosecco and strangely WKD Blue.

Harry Potter:
Everyone loves the schoolboy wizard, right? Let the excitement build as your guests receive their ‘letter from Hogwarts’ inviting them to the Banquet in the Grand Hall. The ‘Grand Hall’ can be full of props, the Sorting Hat, relevant house ties, cauldrons, and owls (if you dare to work with live animals)! You can provide cloaks for your muggle colleagues to be Yule Ball ready. Your guests will thank you after delicious roast beef, buttery mashed potato, topped off with treacle tart. Round the night off with coffees and chocolate frogs. Accio butterbeer…NOW!

Food Truck Rodeo:
The North East is full of insane food specialists so if you’ve got a big audience to please, why not have a food truck rally. Work out a coupon system and get trucks that cater for even the fussiest of pots. Some of our favourites are Scream for Pizza, Chuchos, Meat:Stack, Acropolis, Little FishySimply Cheesecake and Fizzy Tap (yep, drinks too)! Book a band and you’ve got a festiv(e)al vibe with none of the wellies and rancid portaloos.

Christmas around the World:
Apart from playing Féliz Navidad on repeat there are some lovely traditions around the world you could incorporate into your party. Assign each staff member a country to research and they can bring in a Christmas treat from the country. Bagsie ‘Bûche de Noël’, what a centrepiece! Or in Japan fried chicken is THE meal to eat at Christmas. Oh I feel a Christmas quiz coming on! The slightly stranger tradition we’d like to see in action is the Catalan tradition of caga tió or “defecating log”, a grinning creature is carved out of a small log and placed on the dining table, you feed the log fruit, nuts, and sweets, you then beat the log until it excretes goodies…

A personal favourite of ours, we rang in Christmas 2017 with an enchanting wreath making class with Bels Flowers. Beautiful bows, sumptuous greens – Instagram perfection! But there are so many options for a real crafty time – a #GBBO Gingerbread decorating competition, get in teams to decorate Gingerbread homes or blow-your-own glass bauble at the National Glass Centre.

Consider us your BeaconHouse elves, working hard behind the scenes, under the big guy’s shadow (HI SANTA!), talk to us about your dream Christmas party. We can either help you plan or just give you an outlet for festive excitement….call the party hotline anytime!