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We are on a mission to drive sustainable change within the events sector, and take positive steps towards a net zero future.

We believe that success goes beyond profit. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment is to maintain our high-quality level of service with the lowest possible impact on our environment whilst supporting our local communities.

We don’t just look at our events, we take a long hard look at ourselves too; we track our own activities and their impact as a business and we align ourselves with the 17 Global Goals, to be part of the global movement to build a greener, fairer, better world and we recognise that we have a role in achieving this.

Our ESG strategy focuses on four key areas: environment, society, governance, and financial resilience. We address internal operations and external event services, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainability.

Sustainability Expertise: We have a comprehensive ESG strategy, action plan and a proven track record of delivering measurable results.
Reduced Environmental Impact: We utilise carbon tracking tools, promote sustainable food choices, and implement responsible waste management practices.
Ethical Partnerships: We collaborate with suppliers who share our commitment to creating a better future.
Community Focus: We support local charities aligned with the 17 Global Goals, giving back while we build lasting connections.