Go Smarter, Go Active Roadshow

Lots of events rely on enthusiastic volunteers to make the event run smoothly and be the positive presence on the front line, read on to find out more, and why you should volunteer.

What is it?

As part of a major Active Travel campaign, Transport North East are delivering a series of seven week-long roadshow events and interactive workshops this summer, to be held across the seven local authority areas of Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland, Northumberland, County Durham and Gateshead. The ease of lockdown restrictions provides us with a unique opportunity to deliver a major push to change travel habits for the better. These exciting events across the region will encourage the public to walk and cycle more – for leisure and to commute. The roadshows will help families who would benefit from support in teaching their children to ride a bike, it will also help adults who wish to boost their cycling confidence/ability or are unable to ride a bike and wish to learn.

The campaign will show people that it is enjoyable to travel around the region on foot or by bike, which could encourage a shift away from car travel, reducing carbon. The aim of the roadshow is to encourage individuals and families to learn how to cycle and provide new skills to encourage more people to travel sustainably for leisure or work. The roadshows will be held as follows:

Willowburn Leisure Centre Alnwick, NE66 2JH            19-21 July

Ponteland Leisure Centre NE20 9EG                               22-25 July

Exhibition Park Newcastle                                                  26 July-1 August

Chester le Street Riverside Park                                        2-4 August

Hardwick Country Park Sedgefield                                  5-8 August

Herrington Country Park Sunderland                             9-15 August

Richardson Dees Park Wallsend                                       16-22 August

Saltwell Park Gateshead                                                      23-29 August

South Marine Park South Shields                                     30 August-5 September

What do we need?

We are looking for 2 to 3 volunteers to help us check people’s booking details (sessions are free but can be booked online via Eventbrite and we will also take walk up bookings from park users), direct people to sessions and help with customer surveys using iPads. We’d like volunteers on site for 09.30 to receive a briefing from the event team. This will explain what to do, and what to do in the event of anything going wrong. We have a first aider with us every day during the sessions, specialist cycle instructors, and security. We value your time, and appreciate that you may not always be able to be there for the full period, so if you can’t make a full session just let us know and we will try to work around that.

What do you get?

You will get an event t-shirt, branded facemask, water bottle and we will pay £20 per person per day which can be paid to you or whichever organisation, community group or charity you represent.

Volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV, learn new skills, boost your confidence, meet people and have fun!

What will be happening?

We’ll have a mix of learn to ride and bike maintenance sessions for all ages, with everything from balance bikes to tandems so people can have a go on different bikes and see what might work best for them. A sample weekly programme is shown below. Each day the sessions will take place between 10.00 & 15.00 each day, with around 30 people per session so there will never be huge numbers on site to give enough room for social distancing. All activity will be in the open air, the bike team will wipe down all equipment between users, and the event will be Covid safe.

How do you sign up?

For more details please complete this online form. 

You can also contact the event team at info@beaconhouse-events.co.uk for more information.

2021 The Year of the Hybrid

Hybrid events combine both in-person and virtual experiences ensuring that both audiences are catered for and meet their objectives in attending. One event, two unique but comparable experiences. Sounds like it would take more resource I hear you cry! So why exactly should you be embracing the ‘Year of the Hybrid’?

Increased attendance

Ever had potential customers, employees or your audience feign travel or availability as their barrier to attending. Well, no more, you can bring the content to them, wherever they choose, and if timings don’t work, or the thrice rescheduled trip to a remote hut in Mongolia comes with zero Wi-Fi, you’ll be ready with ‘EventFlix’ replay so attendees can log in at their leisure (just one more episode, promise!). A potentially new online audience you have not reached before.

With reduced numbers IRL (in real life), you’ll be able to provide enhanced customer service, a more exclusive experience amongst other perks; your attendees that have taken a plane, train or automobile will feel rewarded. Similarly incentivising those online communities with exclusive content ensures these audiences feel valued and included. A healthy dose of FOMO from each of your audiences will help attendees decide which style of attendance serves them better with individual benefits.


Previously, it would seem highly unlikely that you would dream of heckling commentary directly to the esteemed keynote on stage in front of hundreds if not thousands of peers, but when participating online, tagging the speaker in a comment and them deeming you worthy of a reply in real-time is commonplace. As you create synergy with live reaction content beamed to your in-person guests, you’ll probably encourage them to be a little bolder with their engagement right from their seat.

Brenda from accounts also learned how to use emoji’s in lockdown, so she will be able to use ‘clapping’ and the celebratory ‘two raised hands’ in the comments with wild abandon when she logs on from home. She is normally such a shrinking violet!


Larger audiences of course provide opportunity in terms of sponsorship revenues; more seeing eyes for all that digital branding. That, along with the wealth of recorded content post-event, the legacy of the event creates notably higher impact for organisers and sponsors alike. Real, extensive and measurable data available at the touch of a button as the event draws to a close, real-time testimonials from delegates, more cost-effective and quantifiable generation leads for sponsors…Brenda would post the ‘Ka-ching!’ emoji here.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Yes, we have ‘saved’ a lot of airmiles in 2020, and beyond, but we can do MORE. If you choose to beam in via a live link, and you’d have missed the social engagements due to awkward flight times anyway, there are huge benefits to saving up those miles for another trip all whilst still retaining the same learning and networking benefits – without the jetlag. Also, your trusty little pooch won’t be faced with abandonment issues when you leave, although if you have a cat, let’s be clear they need you out of their space and would prefer it if you gave them a break for a couple of days. OK.

Whilst COVID-19 is being committed to the history books (along with the Zoom gaffes), our collective change in behaviours will not. So, make sure your events adapt, become greener hybrid versions that respect the work-life balance of your audience and cater to them both at home and away. Let’s face it, in-person will never go out of style, but hybrid will ensure your event survives the next apocalypse.

What does OOO mean in 2020?

Out of offices have always been an opportunity to share a little personality alongside the essential dates and a forwarding address. As a company we were rather fond of geo-tagging our sentiments…

I’m out of office in Tokyo, sampling sushi and sipping sake. I’ll be back once the cherry blossom stops blooming.

We offer up our A-team’s contact details, and Mr. T will dutifully tap those gold encrusted digits and reply with speed. Furloughed staff brought the option to create something a little more artful for the longer duration, props to Astley…

Thank you for your email.
Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you, Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.
I’m also never gonna reply to your message until hopefully sometime soon as I’m on furlough leave. However you can forward your email …

So, in the era of constant and instant communication where does the OOO now stand? And as holidays have not all gone as planned this year, are we ‘out-of-kitchen island come office’ instead? We propose it’s time to transition to OME (off my emails).

I am on a short trip to Barnard Castle to frolic in the bluebells. I will not be checking my email during this time.
Looking forward to catching up on my return.

Reader, I will realistically still be checking my emails, just as soon as I can get an eye test.


*Too graphic to post here.

In praise of the Great British queue

In 2020, during the pandemic, we have taken our reputation for cool, calm, and collected queuing proficiency to the supermarket instead. Leading us to consider, what will it mean for events when we finally return to IRL? How do you enhance the Great British queue? Surely, it’s not possible?

Oh, but it is – with the right tools and technology…

  • Floor markings.

We have always been fans of floor markings for consistent branding, but now ours will not just have canny phrases, they will be used liberally to direct attendees and manage flow. Floor markings are the NEW pop-up banner. There, I’ve said it.

  • Registration overhaul.

We love a natter at registration, we are proud of our big ‘geordie welcome’. You’ll still get the same ‘warm’ welcome, just streamlined, with a reduction in the time spent at the desk – winner, winner.

  • Tech.

“There is an app for that.” There truly is. In some instances virtual queuing will be implemented, you will be notified when it is your turn to register whilst waiting in a socially distant area (probably in a socially distant, and very orderly queue).

  • What about lunch?

Registration isn’t the only time at events where Brits get to shine with queuing finesse. Certainly during ‘check in’ but what about breakout rooms? Lunch breaks? Comfort breaks? We’ve got you covered, our event risk assessments will plan to maintain a safe environment throughout the duration of the event, including schedule amendments to ensure regular breaks to reduce any congestion.

  • Outdoor.

Yes, outdoors is not always ideal, (*cue flashback to 500 delegates, sponsors and staff travelling to a 2-day conference during ‘The Beast From The East’*) but where possible we’ll be seeking out venues that boast suitable indoor and outdoor space as an option.

  • Control.

Control freaks, us? I don’t know where you’d get that impression…
Multiple entry points for different groups, timed entry, staggered lunches, splitting the day. There are so many options depending on the size of the event to make sure everyone is catered for and safe. It will be the exact opposite from boarding a flight with a budget airline with blue and yellow livery.

Queues 2.0 is a new discipline, another version of our ‘new normal, but let’s face it, we’ve been training for it our whole lives.

BIM For Good, Bad and Ugly?

We’ve been working with Space Group to deliver a three-day event, kicking off with an education day for 200 local students, a celebratory awards evening sandwiched between two days of conference for 400 international delegates. Safe to say events provide so many positive outputs, collaboration, knowledge sharing and inspiration, but large-scale conferences have, and continue to cause a negative impact on the environment.

BIM Show Live, has been no different, but we’re committed to turning the ugly truth, and bad practice into good for all. It started with the theme set out back in 2019, the conference wanted to focus on ‘BIM for Good’, and the goodness should show through every inch of the event.

First stop our suppliers, we’ve worked with a handful of trusty suppliers who all make the magic that is BIM Show Live. Our sustainably sourced lanyards provided by a UK company have agreed to carbon offset their transport from China following our ‘ask to suppliers’ to offer a sustainable solution for the demands of our order. We’re using a sustainable badge solution we sourced for the 2019 conference, (here at BHE HQ sustainability has been a concern for quite some time). Meetings with PR and social teams are conducted remotely over Zoom. The award trophies have transformed from high shine metal to sustainable wood – they’ll still have that heavy aspirational look and feel! Perhaps the most controversial element to mess with is catering. We’ve chosen to cater the full event as vegetarian or vegan food and use locally sourced ingredients only. A bold move perhaps, but we’re confident in our caterer’s quality, and we’re sure the audience won’t miss the meat with the tasty treats on offer. Consideration has been made at every step, even the vegan sausage rolls (spoiler alert), are in recyclable packaging.

In the biggest shake up, we’re printing less, delegates will not be handed a printed programme. Delegates will peruse the schedule of the day on the event app, can message other delegates and set up alerts for sessions they don’t want to miss (i.e. all of them). Speakers have been sourced being mindful of travel requirements, and we’re lucky to have such talent coming from the region speaking; our day one keynote Nic Palmarini is located walking distance from the venue.  The delegate communications will encourage our delegates to bring their re-usable cups and bottles for their caffeine and hydration hits.

So why are we asking delegates how they are travelling to the event? We want to benchmark the carbon footprint of BIM Show Live 2020 as the first year in a new sustainability drive, so we’re not ignorant to the fact that our delegates travel from across the globe and we have to include this in our plans. BIM Show Live 2.0, aka BIM Show Live 2021 will be leaner, greener, and more as we work towards a better future. We’re ditching the bad and the ugly and we’re going good, one step at a time, as much as we can. Join us.


What I learned from a week placement at BeaconHouse Events

Work experience has the potential to be dull. Usually, the excitement of the real world of work is quickly diminished by the seemingly endless photocopying and tea-making experience most end up with. But luckily for me, my work experience week at BeaconHouse was far from that.

From the second I stepped into the office that Monday morning I felt welcomed. Instead of the tightly strung, high-pressure atmosphere I expected, I was greeting by a team of friendly yet hardworking individuals. The approachable staff meant I wasn’t hesitant to ask for help or guidance in my set tasks, allowing me to take much more enjoyment in what I was doing. Once I was settled, I was given the chance to listen in on a conference call about an upcoming event. It gave me a unique insight into the process of organising an event and the steps taken to create the perfect finished product. Now I’m even more appreciative when I’m scoffing down nibbles at a function!

The rest of the day included learning about how employees manage their workloads on a day-to-day basis and the software applications they use. Additionally, I was given the task of researching venue options for a future event. Being able to collaborate and assist on real life projects gave me a realistic, hands-on experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The next day I was given the chance to spectate a meeting on establishing company ideals, characteristics and values. This helped me to learn the importance of attitude and mindset in both a work and school environment and the skills needed to thrive and flourish in those environments. Needless to say, it fascinated me much more than the Pythagorean theorem in school.

One evening, I was even asked to attend a company event where I assisted with checking employees in using the ticketing software, among other jobs. This was very new to me, but that meant it was a new possibility for learning and growth. The event was interesting to spectate; I certainly learnt a lot onsite!

During my time at BeaconHouse I have partaken in and contributed to many different projects, helping me explore both the industry and the ways in which I tackle tasks. I’ll admit, I was nervous coming in and unsure of what to expect but I have been warmly welcomed and encouraged to work to the best of my ability; the week was everything I hoped it would be.

Overall, my time at BeaconHouse Events has shown me the resilience, responsibility and trust needed in order to thrive in a working environment. It was a very enjoyable yet realistic insight into the industry and I have definitely gained in confidence. Thank you to the whole Beacon House Team for a great week!

Directors Blog: The Business of Events

I have been working in the events industry now for almost 15 years. I have delivered complex events in the North East of England (where I am based), UK wide, and Qatar in the Middle East.

From small workshops and dinners to enormous international petroleum congresses in Qatar and complex national Government events in the UK, I have delivered most types of B2B event in my career.

When people ask me what I love most about events, it often surprises them. It’s not actually the event itself – although that does gives me an enormous sense of achievement – it’s the business behind an event.

Strategy is key to any business, and the same goes for an event. An event without thought, planning or direction, will more than likely fail to deliver impact. Strategy is crucial. I absolutely love turning profits and surpluses for clients. A carefully planned and well thought through event, taking the aims and objectives from the client, creating something that delivers and exceeds expectations, is a must.

Anyone (sensible!) can take a budget, spend it on food, drinks and a room and get people there to listen to someone speaking. The key is finding how that event will deliver results for the client – whether that be buy in from staff, customer acquisition, income generation or something else entirely. How will the event be sustainable and become an annual fixture? How do you make sure your content is relevant? How do you make sure people want to attend? How do you make sure there is sponsor engagement? The answer is always – through being strategic and respecting your audience.

An engaged audience is surely what we are all aiming for. Otherwise what’s the point?

At BeaconHouse Events we have worked on many seed event ideas with our clients. Some literally start at zero. Nada. Nothing. No budget, no speakers, no location and no audience. Just an idea. I love the challenge of creating something from nothing. And making the event cover its costs and generate a surplus. It’s all in the strength of the idea, the contacts, the network and the knowledge of what the audience will want to hear – why will they come, what do they want to learn, do, see, hear and feel at an event?

All too often, the value of the audience’s time is underestimated; “it’s free to attend so people will come along, right?” Not right, not always. In fact, not charging people to attend an event often results in the audience not putting as high a value on the experience. With a price tag attached, your audience has to make a conscious decision to invest not only their time, but their money. People value their time perhaps even more than the money it costs them. If they won’t achieve what they personally want to from attending – learning, making new connections, sharing knowledge – they won’t come. Even if they have paid, even if you do put on a glass or two of wine. No-show rates for the events industry can be up to 40% for free of charge events, but still up to 25% for paid for ones. The more reason you give your audience to attend, the more likely they are to show up so the journey shouldn’t stop with them booking their ticket.

Money is of course critical to many businesses, events and clients. Events don’t necessarily need to make money, in fact for many of our clients it’s not about that. However, often, events do need to cover their own costs. Working out how an event can be monetised, and in turn deliver value to the sponsor, partner, attendee is really what makes me tick and in fact what keeps us in business! Here at BeaconHouse HQ, I proudly sport the ‘finance queen’ badge. I love number crunching, but without strategy, without understanding the business of your event you may as well give up before you’ve started.

Making BeaconHouse Events a little greener…

There are plenty of small, simple things you do to conserve energy and run a greener office. From eco-friendly cleaning products to turning down the thermostat, we’ve been taking our top hacks for reducing our office carbon footprint and trying to improve our impact across the venues we host events at. Work continues within the team to find more sustainable solutions across the board, so we’ll be adding to our measures throughout 2019 and beyond.

Sustainability swaps we are taking are

Standby to OFF

We are all aware that standby isn’t great for the environment, but it’s also not the best for our wallets either – each year, UK households waste £227 million from appliances left on standby. So, we turn off all our appliances at the plug when not in use.

Single Use to Reusable

The lure of single-use plastic for quick food service is common but we’ve been asking venues to either ensure our delegates are served with crockery, or if required recyclable trays. We also ensure our pre-event delegate communications encourage bringing reusable cups/water bottles that can be filled up (and rinsed) at stations around the event

Meat to Veggie

Meat-free meals have a far smaller carbon footprint than meat, and the desire to eat closer to a plant-based diet is growing, so the venues we’ve worked with have been providing some exceptional veggie and vegan menus. When there is an expectation of a meat/fish course, we’ve been turning to game, wild fish, and poultry for feasts with a lower carbon footprint.

National to Local

We are spoilt in Newcastle for choice of suppliers, from eco-friendly printers Northern Print to a wealth of local food suppliers championing great produce (Hexhamshire Organics, Belly of the Beast), we don’t have to stretch out of the region and transport cargo across the world.

Taxis to Tours

Our events often include multi-site usage, and we’ve been championing informative and fun (we promise) walking tours to get delegates across cities to other venues. We can’t always promise the weather will be fine, but it’s a great extra networking and social activity for delegates visiting the city.

Programmes to Apps

Where possible, we’ve been reducing the production of any print, and moving programmes online with interactive apps, where delegates can organise the sessions they will attend, chat with delegates pre-event and keep up to date on the latest information.

Commercial Bins to a SINGLE Bin Bag

With our client Space Group, we’ve made a big (or rather small) commitment. To take a two-day conference with exhibition and awards ceremony, BIM Show Live, and reduce the waste from filling commercial bins to fill one, single, standard, the type you’d have at home, black, bin bag. Which means we are looking at every element of the event, ensuring we are reducing at every step from launch to delivery.

We’ll keep you updated on progress!

Why host an event in Newcastle?

Now I shouldn’t need to explain why the North East is quite so special, from the majestic, turreted castle and grand cathedral in Durham, you get the perfect vantage point from the LNER train (only 2h 50mins from London) to the criss-cross illuminated footbridges connecting the cosmopolitan and historic Newcastle and Gateshead, and vast landscapes and picture-perfect castle-lined Northumberland coastline. I think I once saw Hogwarts Castle through the mist, I’m sure of it.

Location and Transport

We’ll start with an obvious one. There are lots of reasons why the North East is an attractive proposition for anyone looking to host an event, product launch, conference or meeting – but one that gives event planners less of a headache in organising them is the mass of transport links across the region.

Need to fly there? Newcastle International Airport is only six miles northwest of Newcastle city centre, meaning that overseas guests have very little trouble traversing to the venues held within. With 80 direct destinations serviced, it’s not hard to believe that a lot of the passengers are there to attend one of the many events going on in the region.

It’s not just overseas guests that are helping fund the burgeoning Newcastle events scene. The city heavily benefits through Central Station connecting Newcastle to the rest of the country. The Metro service allows travel within the airport, Newcastle, coast and Sunderland.

Variety of Venues

Historically rich venues such as Newcastle Castle and the Boiler Shop have grandiose spaces to create a rich experience for guests. And as well as more traditional venues, NewcastleGateshead also plays host to quirky unusual venues such By The River Brew and Tyneside Cinema – not to mention the beautiful views from Sage Gateshead and the top floor at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

The range of venues doesn’t stop there; we’ve hosted events in breweries, theatres, football stadiums, forests and pop-up events on carparks. The scene certainly isn’t ‘grim nor boring up North.

But really, why?

Of course, lots of cities have great public transport links and diverse venues, so surely that can’t be the only reason it’s so great for holding events? You’re right it’s not. But I raise you the famous warm Geordie Welcome. It may sound cliché, but it is true, Newcastle is the friendliest place on earth. We have museums, we have culture, we have restaurants of stellar quality (that won’t cost the earth), and the urban panorama of the bridges silhouetted against a rosy sunset is unrivaled.

If that hasn’t convinced you – we are certainly on a roll in the city, with Greggs opening the first Newcastle drive-thru. We know easily accessible sausage rolls (and vegan rolls) would tempt anyone to host their event in the land overseen by the Angel of the North.

Teambuilding is the most important investment you’ll make

If you are starting to notice droopy shoulders around the office, the question is how do you create an experience that your team won’t hate?

The most successful and memorable team-building events are the ones that are a complete contrast from a day at the office. That’s why becoming a farmer for a day (and eating like a king) at Hexhamshire Organics was the perfect organic bonding experience for us.

After rising with the dawn chorus, the team of intrepid explorers ‘Team BHE’ donned their wellies and travelled to Hexham, to Hexhamshire Organics. We were to spend an exclusive day with Bob, Ann, the ducks, the chicks and the Tamworth pigs!

Upon arrival we were greeted with a hearty farmhouse breakfast including organic, homegrown Tamworth bacon and sausages. It’s no wonder the Tamworth pork is sought after by the top chefs in the region. Cue a quick health and safety briefing and the story of the farm from Bob and we were stomping around the farm, taking in the sights.

Starting at the seven poly tunnels, housing an array of organically grown fruit and veg we were able to learn more about the procedure from seed to harvest, and the special organic methods to keep the pests at bay. Sampling fresh produce along the way, our particular favourites were the mustardy ‘Red Frill’ and lemony ‘French Sorrel’, which also magically appeared at the lunch table.

Ann had prepared a beautiful spread for lunch, a Tamworth gammon joint, herby roasted potatoes, some beautiful side salads, beetroot, roasted peppers, and the star of the show was a garden frittata made from the farm’s own hen eggs and freshly picked summer vegetables.

After one, two or three plates of lunch we were fueled up ready to herd the pigs! We had to work together to get the Tamworth’s from the field into the enclosure. After a few laps of the field, and a fair few trips into the undergrowth for one shy pig, we finally got the last pigs into the enclosure. Our communication skills, patience and determination were put to the test, and we have the photo evidence to prove it. The Tamworths are very intelligent creatures but alas not hugely compliant.

Next up we split into teams to take our pig to ‘show’. Bringing our chosen pig into the enclosure, we made sure she was content with a little snack and got to work on the full salon experience, washing every inch of the Tamworth, enquiring where she was planning on going on holiday, and then drying the fine specimens. It was now time to parade the pigs in their glistening finery show coats. Katie in her pristine white show coat and ‘Penelope’ pig were clear winners. It was great to have hands-on involvement in caring for the Tamworths, it certainly was a change of scenery from fielding delegate calls in the office.

After that physical exhaustion, we were treated to more of Ann’s delicious cooking, with a beautiful pavlova and chilled glass of rose. Although the work was not yet done! It was time to take a ride round the scenic orchard on the tractor to keep the grass trim. A fine method of transport, but back onto foot to round up the ducks and get the chickens to bed so we could collect their fresh eggs.

We ended the experience crowning the person who was most welcome to join Bob and Ann and work on the farm – well done Katie, and the person who should really stay in the city – commiserations Sarah! The experience comes highly recommended for teams wanting a day away from the office filled with fun, nature and learning.

What did we learn after a refreshing day in Hexhamshire?

Life truly is better at the farm.

Five Years, Five Defining Events…

  1. And so the adventure began when we delivered our first event with BeaconHouse Boss caps on… The 2014 Family Law Bar Association National Conference and celebratory dinner in the iconic Sage Gateshead. After glowing client feedback, the first step on this orange-hued journey began.
  2. Entertaining 24,000 Great North Run enthusiasts and serving over 1 tonne of carb-a-licious pasta all on a car park between Sage Gateshead and Baltic, seems impossible but we’ve done it every year since our inception! With the likes of Mo Farrah and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall in attendance, it’s the hottest place for runners (and those exhausted from watching the runners) to grab a bowl of nourishment the day before the big run.
  3. A real highlight in 2018 was our first collaboration with Wayne Hemingway MBE and HemingwayDesign, working to deliver the Northern Powerhouse Business Summit as part of the Great Exhibition of the North. With sessions from Mark Carney, Bank of England, and innovative customer UX design, the event welcomed 1,000 delegates from across the North East. There was an incident with an errant pigeon, but as cool, calm collected swans we made sure not a drop of faeces made it onto the esteemed shoulders of our speakers.
  4. We produced an award-winning award ceremony. Yes, you read that right, the Dynamites 18 event won Bronze at the Awards Awards earlier this month. Championing the IT community in the North East has always been important to us, working with Dynamo, but to be recognised nationally for an event that is a pleasure to organise, its winners all round, literally.
  5. The promotion of sustainability a key goal for us. We are thrilled to now work with The Planet Mark, producing their events across London. We are not naive about the effect of events on the environment, so learning from the team at The Planet Mark, we are able to take steps across our portfolio to minimise the negative impact and promote a sustainable vision for the years to come.

Here at BHE HQ we are looking forward to another five years of highlights, thanks to all our clients and supporters, we couldn’t have done it without you.


5 Reasons you should NOT host an event

You want to keep people apart

Events bring people together for a common purpose. Choosing to host an event will see you running the high risk of facilitating lasting relationships through networking. You and your team will be forced to build partnerships, meet prospects, and sell more products or services.

Inviting clients and prospects to an event they would genuinely be interested in; means they’ll be lured in by your non ‘salesy’ approach and unfortunately likely to accept your offerings. You’ll lumber yourself with a lot more work.

You’ll have to spend money and time

Champagne reception for your nearest and dearest clients, makes Joan in Accounts shudder. When you have an important message to communicate to a large audience of clients, employees or stakeholders, a simple email that they may, or more likely not read will probably suffice. Perhaps send it with the high importance exclamation mark, that might extend the attention span from the average eight seconds.

It will put your brand centre stage

Events command attention. If you’d rather your business was far from the limelight, it is essential to avoid this sort of commotion. An event will only encourage delegates to become company advocates and become further engaged in your brand. Sounds a bit clingy, better to keep them at an arm’s length.

People will be at risk of having fun

Keep morale at a consistent level by avoiding a yearly award show for employees or customers – winners are likely to have an unhealthy ‘spike’ in motivation and encourage others to aim to win in future years.

Make sure to put a stop to any staff conferences or seminars. Beautiful and alternate locations encourage inspirational and out-of-the-box thinking, no point causing an unnecessary distraction. Employees can meet colleagues in the break room and learn about innovations in their own time – engaging in refresher training is unnecessary.

Removing teams from the comfort of the office will encourage ‘over relaxation’ and cohesive working – consider the operational complexities of this before instigating, you will risk attracting new staff and regrettably retaining qualified staff for years and years.

Focus will be removed from your core business

Events require focus and expertise – you’re too busy being an expert in your own industry. Working with a national award winning event agency will just highlight a lot of hard work required to make your event a success. You’ll be forced to work with another team of experts, learn things you didn’t know, extend the reach of your expertise and showcase your skill. We get it, you were happy just cracking on, no point shouting about it – the day to day won’t do itself.

Be an event avoider – avoid the ocean of event opportunity, it is vast, deep and full of risk – best to stay safe, grounded and risk-free.