In praise of the Great British queue

In 2020, during the pandemic, we have taken our reputation for cool, calm, and collected queuing proficiency to the supermarket instead. Leading us to consider, what will it mean for events when we finally return to IRL? How do you enhance the Great British queue? Surely, it’s not possible?

Oh, but it is – with the right tools and technology…

  • Floor markings.

We have always been fans of floor markings for consistent branding, but now ours will not just have canny phrases, they will be used liberally to direct attendees and manage flow. Floor markings are the NEW pop-up banner. There, I’ve said it.

  • Registration overhaul.

We love a natter at registration, we are proud of our big ‘geordie welcome’. You’ll still get the same ‘warm’ welcome, just streamlined, with a reduction in the time spent at the desk – winner, winner.

  • Tech.

“There is an app for that.” There truly is. In some instances virtual queuing will be implemented, you will be notified when it is your turn to register whilst waiting in a socially distant area (probably in a socially distant, and very orderly queue).

  • What about lunch?

Registration isn’t the only time at events where Brits get to shine with queuing finesse. Certainly during ‘check in’ but what about breakout rooms? Lunch breaks? Comfort breaks? We’ve got you covered, our event risk assessments will plan to maintain a safe environment throughout the duration of the event, including schedule amendments to ensure regular breaks to reduce any congestion.

  • Outdoor.

Yes, outdoors is not always ideal, (*cue flashback to 500 delegates, sponsors and staff travelling to a 2-day conference during ‘The Beast From The East’*) but where possible we’ll be seeking out venues that boast suitable indoor and outdoor space as an option.

  • Control.

Control freaks, us? I don’t know where you’d get that impression…
Multiple entry points for different groups, timed entry, staggered lunches, splitting the day. There are so many options depending on the size of the event to make sure everyone is catered for and safe. It will be the exact opposite from boarding a flight with a budget airline with blue and yellow livery.

Queues 2.0 is a new discipline, another version of our ‘new normal, but let’s face it, we’ve been training for it our whole lives.