Work from home like an Event Planner

Get your tech right

We’re always on the go, so it didn’t require any planning for us to unplug laptops, ipads and retreat to the home office (ahem, dining room). We operate from the infamous ‘cloud’ and use Basecamp so we’re always connected, we can heartily recommend Basecamp. ‘Zooming’ is now commonplace, although I’ve already written a strongly worded letter to Dell regarding the location of the camera on my model, it’s somehow angled to get all of my chin(s), and with the current proximity to my fridge I feel personally victimised.


Always a favourite for the clipboard wielding event planners. Ours are obviously digital now in Basecamp, but the odd post-it with the three most important things to achieve in a day doesn’t go amiss.

1) Don’t turn on Netflix
2) Don’t turn on Netflix or sit on the sofa
3) Don’t turn on Netflix or sit on the sofa and get the blankets

Capsule your workload

Hugely popular across the BHE office, we ‘batch’ our workload due to the number of projects we work on. So programme in the diary work on specific projects/tasks, and plan out your day. You’re more accountable when there is an Outlook reminder telling you you’ve really got to find out where to source that huge pineapple. With fewer interruptions and a focus, it’s easier to complete tasks one at a time.


We’re used to working onsite so can set up a workspace anywhere, from a tiny bird hide in Kielder Forest, to the House of Lords, we’ve remotely worked all across the country. Once you’ve set boundaries in terms of workspace, you must also stick to time boundaries. Yes, you are saving on the daily commute, but you can’t extend the day as this isn’t always good for our mental health. You’ll be more productive in your working hours, rather than experiencing burn out. For lunch (and always take a lunch), get out of your workspace, take a turn around the garden, get some fresh air or finally sort out that sock drawer you’ve been putting off (yes that is my plan for Thursday and what of it?).

Don’t Isolate

Digitally that is. We’re used to being around people, they are at the centre of the business, so we have made it a priority. We have regular team Zoom calls scheduled in, get regular pup-dates from team members on Whatsapp, and ping each other regularly to make sure nobody is feeling the negative effects of working at home. So Carol, what did you have for lunch today??

Just remember having Netflix on the background, NEVER works.

COVID-19 Public statement

With the ongoing risk of COVID-19 worldwide, we are committed to hosting a safe and secure environment at each of our events for all delegates and guests.

Our team is now working from home, but continuing to support our clients to find solutions so we can postpone or go virtual and avoid cancelling events.

We are paying close attention to advice from the UK health authorities to play our part in helping look after the people in our team and around us.

16th March 2020, BeaconHouse Events