Clear the Clutter

Before the biggest social media gurus were the ones flogging us skincare and fashion, but this new breed of influencer is more in favour of discussing the pros and cons of their favourite cleaner for scrubbing stains off the kitchen sink. Yes, Insta cleaning gurus are taking over as the ones to follow and double-tap, showing off their spotless homes and their techniques for how they did it.

Leader of the pack is Sophie Hinchcliffe, known to her many fans (1.6m, to be exact) as Mrs Hinch with her spick and span house and instructional Insta stories. And our obsession with learning tips and tricks to keep our houses clean shows no sign of slowing. Audiences have been captivated by Netflix’s latest cleaning show, ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’, and we just can’t get enough.

Enter Cath Hindle from Clear The Clutter, the local answer to Marie Kondo, our regional organising expert. If you want to tackle the clutter that is holding you back, Cath is your woman. Cath helps clients reorganise their homes, and by extension, their lives. The purpose of Cath’s presence is simple: to make people feel happy in their homes. So if you are short on time, or money (there may be value in your ‘clutter’), and need a bit of helping hand you can to find the joy in decluttering. As you connect with the items you own, what is just stuff, and what things actually mean something, Cath gives you the tools to confirm how you feel about each item you own.

“Marie Kondo helps people to declutter by asking them if their items spark joy but I prefer the William Morris quote: ‘Have nothing in you house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’ This sums up how I encourage my clients to think about their stuff and then provide them with the energy and strategies to organise it. It is the most satisfying of professions and one that I truly believe can make a huge difference to your living spaces, mental health, relationships and time.”

Clear the Clutter’s clients are a mixed bunch. From people wanting to make steps to move on after bereavement, people who are getting divorced, married or moving in with someone, people moving house, people downsizing, families moving loved ones into sheltered accommodation, people who are time poor and folks who need a bit of help with jobs or areas of their home or business that have got on top of them.

So, if you fancy trying a different version of self-care this year, get in touch with Cath at Clear The Clutter for a free consultation, she’s waiting to tackle your clutter and destroy your dumping ground so you can function freely.

We’ll BRB we just have a need to browse some thoroughly satisfying snaps of immaculately organised drawers and cupboards on Instagram.