Our Top 13 Haunting Locations for an Event


  1. Castle Keep, Newcastle
    Reports of ghostly chanting of unseen monks and disembodied screams heard coming from the gallery are enough to set the scene.
  2. Lumley Castle, Durham
    Famously haunted by the ghost of Lily of Lumley. Reportedly her lifeless body was thrown down the well, it’s said she comes up out of the well each night to walk the castle. Fantastic restaurant too…could murder one of their suppers.
  3. Town Moor, Newcastle
    Once the site of Newcastle’s gallows, all you need is the weather to play ball and blanket the moor in a ghostly mist and you might hear the bloodcurdling screams.
  4. Crook Hall, Durham
    One of Durham’s best-known ghosts, the White Lady of Crook Hall will surely RSVP if you invite her to a ball at her own manor. What a VVIP.
  5. Marsden Grotto, South Shields
    Your event can occur in the pub carved into the cliffs but if that isn’t enough Marsden Bay itself has its very own sea monster – Shoney.
  6. Holy Island, Lindisfarne
    What is spookier than being cut off from the mainland, especially when the causeway is ravaged by ferocious tides.
  7. Tyne Theatre, Newcastle
    The ghost of Bob Crowther a stagehand, sadly killed by a stage prop travelling at high velocity. Bob reportedly pushes past patrons. Make sure you don’t sit in his favourite seat in the stalls.
  8. Hancock Museum, Newcastle
    Apparently a mummy wanders the exhibits at night. And it’s not the comforting mother type…
  9. Lit and Phil Society, Newcastle
    Recent video footage showed a fire door opening on its own accord now some will say this is all hot air…or just a blast of air, but it’s a beautiful venue of its own accord so makes the list.
  10. Tynemouth Priory, Tynemouth
    Expect phantom monks praying at a stone in the graveyard. Towards the cliffs this location also offers extremely vintage air raid shelters, double fright for you to get your fangs into.
  11. Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle
    The picture says it all. Let’s hope your guests don’t suffer with claustrophobia.
  12. Newcastle Cathedral, Newcastle
    With not one but two ghosts, you’ll have enough entertainment for guests.
  13. The Mining Institute, Newcastle
    All dark wood and moody lighting, this is one mysterious venue currently closed for refurbishment. Sure the odd ghoul could float through the walls mind.

New Tech Event for the NE…Loading…


Well let us tell you…it’s time for a conference. When arranging meetings, you create memorable experiences, there is nothing that can be compared. With a unique atmosphere, a crowd passionate about the same subject, you learn, meet old friends and make new pals. Delegates leave conferences feeling energised and full of new ideas, with a new tote, t-shirt and stickers for the laptop in tow.

So we were thrilled to be asked by experts in the field, Opencast Software, to bring together like-minded talented specialists in the software industry to deliver the first ‘Build IT Right’.

Build IT Right Conference 2019 aims to showcase the very best that the industry has to offer, highlight trends, expand knowledge and inspire delegates.

Here at BeaconHouse Events we have a proven track record delivering a wide range of events regionally and across the UK, including the Northern Powerhouse Business Summit, BIM Show Live and Dynamo North East events, so we are well placed to create an interesting and informative event for professionals in specialist fields.

What is in store?

  • Inspirational keynotes from high-profile speakers. We have secured broadcaster and author Timandra Harkness as compere and gurus Simon Brown,  creator of C4 software architecture model, and founder of Structurizr,  plus Dave Farley the co-author of Continuous Delivery.
  • There’s also a call for papers open currently if you’ve got an idea we’d love to hear about it Submit Here.
  • Delegates will be able to ‘sharpen the saw’. Everyone needs a break from work to hone their skills and advance learning with new tips and tactics.
  • There is the opportunity to meet people FACE to FACE, the room will be full of experts looking to network, maybe you’ll get a selfie with your business idol, you certainly can’t do that online.
  • It will be fun (well-organised fun we promise!)

Who’s going to be there?

Built IT Right welcomes delegates who speak HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, Bash/Shell, Python, C#, PHP and Klingon.  The audience will be made up of Software Developers, Software Testers, UX Design, Agile Practitioners, Solutions Architects, Software Development Manager / Team Leaders / Development Head, plus aspiring software development professionals.

When attending conferences, you sacrifice money and time, so you need to know it’s right for you. If you have an opinion on How to ‘Build IT Right’, this cool-sounding event has cool people going, that you’ll definitely want to meet.

Are you ready to Build IT Right in Newcastle?

Build IT Right
Crowne Plaza, Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle upon Tyne
Thursday 4th April, 2019.