STOPTOBER: Our non-alcoholic alternatives

And what perfect timing, after a summer of beer garden excess (albeit under shelter) and before the onslaught of the Christmas party season. We have half the BeaconHouse team signed up to be Sober Heroes.

During a function or conference, it’s a given that if 5pm has landed somewhere wind down beverages will be provided for some socialising prior to dinner. However, if you want to keep people engaged throughout a conference and cater for all your guests, we’d recommend providing a more sophisticated non-alcoholic offering alongside the glasses of Sauvignon. Not only will some of our suggestions work as amazing ice breakers, they are delicious and quite importantly they look fantastic on Instagram!

Alcohol free doesn’t have to be boring, here are some ideas for your guests to ensure they are not stuck with a standard glass of orange juice (heaven forbid, from concentrate!).

Move over Shirley Temple….mocktails are undergoing a makeover. Turn that Mojito into a ‘no-hito’ Our BeaconHouse concoctions are below;

The Beacon: orange juice, lemon juice, orange marmalade and orange peel.
Shake the juices and marmalade with ice to combine, strain into a martini glass and garnish with orange peel.

Faux Fizz: peach juice, sparkling grape juice and lime peel.
Add some peach juice to a flute, and top with sparkling grape juice, garnish with a curl of lime peel.

Monumental Earl Grey-tini: strong cold earl grey tea, lemon juice, sugar syrup and lemon peel.
Mix the Earl Grey tea, lemon juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain the liquid into a Martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

No-hito: sugar, mint, lime, soda water.
Muddle sugar and mint, fill a glass with crushed ice, squeeze lime in glass, add mint and top with soda water.

Let us introduce you to Seedlip, a non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ which brings the depth of flavour you’d expect from a copper pot distilled gin, but without the flashbacks of dancing the funky chicken in front of the WHOLE conference.

Teetotal G&T: Seedlip, Tonic and Pink Grapefruit or Petit Pois. For the perfect serve mix 50ml of Seedlip with 100ml Fever Tree Tonic and garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit or a small handful of petit pois.

A brewed concoction, probiotic tea believed to have health benefits related to digestion, mental clarity and mood. Have we just found the drink to make EVERY guest happy? No need to thank us, we always aim to please. This tea can be mixed into mocktails or served with juices, as it has a slightly apple taste, it mixes perfectly with raspberries and elderflower, or for an amazing health kick ginger and lime.

Kombucha Cranberry Spritz: kombucha, cranberry juice, fresh cranberries and rosemary sprigs.
Fill a glass with crushed ice, add kombucha and cranberry and stir gently, garnish with rosemary sprig and fresh cranberries.


Virtual reality drinking is the newest trend we are working on, so guests can enjoy drinking…without drinking! We anticipate seeing delegates ‘sipping’ with VR headsets at events across the land…or perhaps that was just a dream we had…

If you’d like to discuss our ideas on drinks over a couple of Faux-hito’s let’s not wait until 5pm, get in touch soon!

We’ve moved!

We’ve spent three years in the city centre – our old office at Clavering House served us extremely well and we made great memories (and events) there. Hoults Yard is a fantastic creative space offering us a wealth of new opportunities to explore and we are really looking forward to growing our team.

The move comes during an exciting time for the team here at BeaconHouse. Thanks to a string of fantastic new events as well as the continued development of our existing portfolio, our company continues to grow. Watch this space for more news on how we’ll be looking to grow…

For all those with an impending move, make your relocation a breeze, see what we learned during our office transition;

  • Create your new office floorplan in advance. Once you have the measurements of the new space you can consult your inner Phillipe Starck. Take some time to envision where your existing furniture will fit, if you need to upsize/downsize desks and just where you’ll put those new ceiling hung sitting pods you have your eye on.
  • Cleanse your clutter the week prior. Nothing quite rids you of all old printed documents, promotional literature, or that magazine stash from 2009 than thinking you’ll have to pack, carry, load, unload, carry, and unpack it. Side note – arrange for an extra bin/recycling/shredding pick up that week. You’ll need it.
  •  Totes are your best friends. Us event professionals have a wealth of eco-friendly event branded cotton tote bags – perfect for carrying books, folders and easy to unpack, all whilst looking oh so stylish. You’ll find a number of the trusty totes handily hooked on the back of your door, stuffed inside a bag of bags, with forgotten conference pens inside – this is their day to shine again!
  • You need a solid, motivational playlist for the day. Some classic recommendations from the BeaconHouse Team include: David Bowie – ‘Changes’, The Kooks – ‘She Moves in Her Own Way’, The M People – ‘Moving on Up’, Ray Charles – ‘Hit The Road Jack’, Fleetwood Mac ‘Don’t Stop’, Sia – ‘Move (Your Body)’, The La’s – ‘There She Goes’ and of course from the Madagascar soundtrack – ‘I Like to Move It, Move It’ or the original from Reel 2 Real.
  • Assign a ‘Chief Vegetation Logistical Manager’. You’ve got to make sure those not-so-succulent-anymore green leaved friends make it to the new office. A study showed adding plants to an office environment boosts productivity, creativity and general well-being, read more on The Telegraph. Plants, as essential as your kettle.
  • Moving is never a piece of cake, but it should come with a slice of pizza. As is customary for any move large or small, food that can be eaten straight out of the container without the lost cutlery should be firmly on the agenda. Pizza is one of the strongest motivators out there.

Once you are in your new digs, host an office party, show off your space, let the blackboard wall be christened and brag tastefully about your ‘relaxation station’ aka the ping pong table you’ve always dreamed of. We of course can help organise a welcome bash should you require!

Whilst all our mobile telephone contact numbers remain the same our new office telephone number is 0191 691 3456.

For those who want to send us love letters via the post or come visit (we gladly accept canine visitors, see above) you can find us at Office 004, Maling Exchange, Hoults Yard, Walker Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2HL.

We thank you for your continued custom and support, and to all our new neighbours we’ll see you for a brew and brownie at Yard Food soon.