Expect the unexpected

We believe that when organising an event you can – and should be – ultra organised and prepared for all eventualities. However, and it’s perhaps obvious to state, you can’t actually predict unexpected events but you can expect them.

It is in these tricky, pressurised situations that the skill of an experienced event manager comes to the fore. It is in these moments when you must keep a cool head, employ quick thinking and take measured, swift action to resolve the issues.

To give you an understanding of what these unexpected events could be, we thought we’d share a few of the ‘headlines’ that the BeaconHouse Events team have had to deal with in the past.

“Public protestors storm event refusing to leave until their voices are heard”

“Colony of diseased and dying rabbits take refuge at outdoor event site”

 “Delegates drop like flies with food poisoning during international conference in Qatar”

 “Hundreds of conference delegates face one hour interruption to event as building is evacuated due to fire”

 “Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of art at risk of water damage from leaking marquee”

But remember your unexpected events will be different, so be ready to act!

If you want to know more about what we learned and how we plan for the unexpected we’re always happy to chat. Get in touch with us by email (info@beaconhouse-events.co.uk) or twitter @beaconhouseevts and we’d be happy to tell you!

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