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December 2023


Opencast Christmas Party

In December 2023, BeaconHouse Events worked with the Opencast team to deliver their Christmas Party! We welcomed over 350 of the team to ChachaBuchi in Newcastle city centre for some festive fun!
The venue was filled with activities, from competing in the reindeer roll and bowl, having some retro fun on the arcade machines, singing your favourite song on karaoke, and showing us your dance moves on the 360 photobooth, all from amazing local suppliers.
From sourcing entertainment and branded treats, to booking hotel rooms and managing registration, the BeaconHouse Events team had the Christmas celebration in hand. Another successful event for Opencast and we look forward to planning next year already!
“Only a big thank you. As ever, felt looked after, valued, and considered. It was a positive event and energy in the place!”