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Wet noses welcome

Dog friendly offices and work-life-balance are hot topics for water-cooler chats these days. How will we all cope with a more structured return to the office?

People are preparing to return to the office, albeit with a more flexible attitude. But what of all those pandemic pups? With all the time spent WFH many chose to finally get that furry companion to enjoy quality time with, walking during lunch and curled up at their feet during those Zoom meetings. How will our four-legged friends manage now their human ‘work mates’ are returning to the office?

It’s a ‘new normal’ in lots of different ways, considering dog care is something that many businesses wouldn’t have previously been set up to manage. Do we now expect ergonomic desk chairs alongside plush dog beds? Should the coffee machine sit next to the treat tins? What if you mix your hobnobs with the woofles? And surely it’s a rare breed indeed but there are those who perhaps don’t get wobbly at the knees at the sight of a wet nose and waggy tail.

Here at BeaconHouse HQ, we’re dog lovers – it’s not a prerequisite to get a job here…but it helps! 50% of our team own dogs and that plays a big part in our office planning and staff wellbeing. There’s a certain vibe that comes over the team on a ‘dog day’, a kind of gentle excitement and overall sense of companionship that the occasional tail whip brings. A tough day can easily be improved by the sound of a soft snore from the fur ball in the corner and of course the cameos on a virtual event are excellent ice breakers.

We’re currently preparing a more structured return to an office, and our four-legged friends will be welcomed. This is just one of the things that we’ll be considering in our new workspace to adapt to the many changes we’ve faced over the past two years. Our team is our top priority, making sure the workplace fits the needs of the whole team (paws or not) is key. It’s a bit of an ethos of ours and one we always plan to stick to.

Side note; our office pooches have requested to feature more regularly on our social platforms. They reckon they do much for our wellbeing and don’t get enough air time. So if you feel like following the antics of Luna, Raven and Harry you know where to find them.