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Trend predictions: What will events look like in 2024?

Pinterest has just dropped its 2024 trend predictions and over the next twelve months it looks like we are going to see a revival of the jazz aesthetic (think smooth and saxxy décor and low-lit venues), the celebration of ‘inch stones’ as people look to celebrate teeny triumphs like month anniversaries or baby’s first step, alongside a resurgence in up-cycling and something called ‘eclectic grandpa’ vibes (no, we’re non the wiser either).

Every year, the team at BeaconHouse delivers over one hundred events across the whole of the UK and over the last year we’ve seen a real shift in what our clients are looking to achieve and what delegates enjoy, so we’ve put our heads together and created our own top trend predictions for 2024 and beyond…

  1. Make it personal  

In 2024 we’re going to see much more of a ‘choose your own adventure’ approach to events, which could be as simple as having the ability to build your itinerary by choosing content that is interesting and relevant to you, or speaking to delegates in advance to find out what the most important thing is for them to take away from the day. Bespoke experiences are key post-pandemic as people are unwilling to sit through unappealing content, especially if they have to take time out of their busy diaries. Remember that people are individuals and trying to create a ‘one size fits all’ approach will leave everyone feeling a little underwhelmed.

  1. Sustainable and socially conscious experiences 

Sustainability is front of mind for a lot of businesses, and while there have been moves in the right direction, the event industry still has a long way to go when it comes to being truly environmentally friendly. In 2024 we’ll see agencies, suppliers, and clients putting more emphasis on tracking carbon emissions, making more conscious choices when it comes to ‘use once’ marketing materials, and a better understanding of the impact of our sector on the planet. It won’t all be focused on environmental goals though, there will be a shift towards more socially conscious events that give back to charitable causes rather than splashing out on yet another plastic giveaway in the goodie bag.

  1. Inclusivity 

Taking steps to include people from a wide range of backgrounds in your event means that there is space for everyone to contribute, leading to more meaningful interactions, better conversations, and the ability to tackle problems from different perspectives. In-person events by nature aren’t always accessible for everyone, but by being mindful of different needs from the outset, your experience can be as open as possible. In 2024 we will see more events including diverse stages and speakers, inclusive spaces like quiet areas or prayer rooms, and more thought going into what’s on the menu so no one feels like the odd one out when it comes to dinner time.

  1. Annual programmes of events 

Where in the past businesses might have organised a one-off Annual General Meeting, we’re seeing more organisations opting to curate a programme of events throughout the year instead. These days it’s about engaging employees and stakeholders with a diverse programme of events, keeping the momentum going with things like round-tables, dinners, awards ceremonies, or building community networking. Utilising a mix of in-person, virtual, and hybrid event formats to engage audiences and allow as wide a range of people to attend as possible.

  1. Insight led planning 

Data will be at the heart of event planning even more than usual. Event planners will be using data collected before, during, and after events to reduce the carbon footprint of experiences and also to gain insight into attendees’ preferences, behaviours, and patterns. By studying statistics like registration vs attendance, time spent watching speakers, or time spent consuming pre or post-event online content, we can make small changes to enhance our attendee experience and increase engagement with each event.

  1. Opting-in 

Opting in for things like name badges, merchandise, or meat-based meals (as opposed to opting out which has been the norm) allows people to make small, more considered choices when they are on site. Taking this approach puts the power back in the hands of the people so they can make their own choices about whether they want to consume certain things. Making sustainable decisions isn’t about big bold statements, it is about empowering people to make meaningful changes in the way that they take part in our experiences.

  1. Watch-back opportunities 

There can often be a lot of things to take part in at an event and there might not be time to take everything in. Over the next twelve months, we’re going to see more opportunities to revisit content after the event or catch up with anything that you might have missed on the day. This could be a recording of the event that is uploaded online or even additional content in the form of a podcast or webinar.

  1. Clever seating 

Making sure that your delegates are comfortable is a given, but there is more to think about than whether or not you can see the main stage. We’ll see a shift towards more multipurpose seating that makes it easier for people to connect with those around them, power banks so delegates can make notes or take part in multi-platform learning, and arrangements that make it easier to break out into groups for more intimate problem solving and ideas sessions. Different seating arrangements can significantly influence the learning experience and have the power to alter or enhance the whole atmosphere, so we’ll see fewer rows and rows of delegates and more dynamic seating options that work in tandem with how you want guests to move around the space.

  1. Net-walking: Wellbeing focused activities 

Gone are the days of all networking taking place in the bar. In 2024 we think there will be more creative thinking around extracurricular activities that promote health and wellbeing. During a multi-day event, this could include lunchtime jogs, morning yoga sessions, or meditation during downtime. If you have delegates travelling to be part of the event, a walking tour of the local area is a great way to see the city and enjoy an outdoor learning experience at the same time.

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