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November 2023

The Royal Institution, London

Planet Mark Awards 2023

We had the pleasure of working with the Planet Mark on the 6th edition of their annual awards for 2023. Back at The Royal Institution, London allowed for 350 guests to come together and celebrate incredible achievements in sustainability.

Working alongside Planet Mark, we looked after guest booking and management, sponsorship relationship management, budget management and cost control. Together with management of the entries and judging process, script writing and production, production of staging and AV, venue management and liaison and venue dressing.
To our amazing Awards team
We have a tendency at Planet Mark and at BeaconHouse to move swiftly literally to the next event, as evidenced seeing you, Katie and your fabulous team at the _shift conference a week later! But I would like to take this moment in time, having reflected on just how meaningful this year’s awards have been for us, Planet Mark and our mission. It literally is our launch pad for our next 10 years.
Not only were our team and members spiritually and emotionally lifted by the event, this halo extended to our new family at Alcumus and their owners at Apax.
My email, LinkedIn and meetings have been busy with comments about how great it is to see Planet Mark doing our work and I wanted to let all of you mentioned here know, that you had a truly significant part to play in that.
The word progression has been used so often in relation to the Awards but is much more than that, as people have reflected that it extols our values, reaching hundreds of people.
This is another huge thank you for making it possible and was great to catch up on our exciting briefing session yesterday, as we plan out how we might make it even better.
Steve Malkin, CEO & Founder, The Planet Mark