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March 2024

Dovecot Studios

Opencast Q1 Hybrid Conference

We worked with Opencast on their first hybrid format internal conference for their team update in March. We had over 60 people attend a venue in Edinburgh, and we then broadcast a live and interactive stream across the UK, with live link-ups at all of their hubs: Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, and London, with a wider audience of 300.

All attendees at the venue, in a hub, or at home were able to interact throughout the conference proceedings using Menti. With the conference being held in Edinburgh, we worked with several brilliant suppliers to celebrate Scotland’s heritage and culture with local produce catering, an introduction to the weaving workshop, and a piper leading the hosts onto the stage. Each hub and remote viewer also had a taste of Scotland, with Tunnocks and Irn Bru supplies sent to all.

The BeaconHouse Events team managed hotel accommodation and full end-to-end delivery for the conference, from venue sourcing and supplier management to onsite delivery.