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June 2018 (Since May 2014)

Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle upon Tyne

Dynamo North East

We currently work with the board at Dynamo North East to set up, launch, manage and deliver a number of North East IT and tech events. The Dynamo board are volunteer-led with no available resource to manage events, therefore they appoint BeaconHouse Events to direct the events from the outset to onsite delivery. The first conference we worked on achieved over 300 delegates, 80 speakers, doubled the sponsorship target and delivered a complex and well received programme. The surplus achieved from the event allowed the client to invest in further developing the North East’s IT industry.

Following the success of the Dynamo annual conferences, BeaconHouse Events have been contracted to manage monthly ‘DynamoNet’ networking events, the Dynamo membership and the annual Dynamites awards.

“BeaconHouse Events have played a key role in the setup, delivery and success of Dynamo North East’s events. The team are always on the front foot, thinking of everything ahead of time easing the pressure on my life as Dynamo Chairman.  BeaconHouse Events work tirelessly with us to ensure our events exceed all our targets for delegate numbers and sponsorship which has, in turn, helped us to establish Dynamo North East’s foothold as the North East’s IT and Technology hub. Becoming central to Dynamo’s core organisational structure, BeaconHouse Events are now considered to be key members of our team. Many people have said to me over the past few months, “I love BeaconHouse Events”. And I always reply ‘So do I!”

Charlie Hoult, Hoults Yard (Chairman of Dynamo North East)


“I thought it was excellent. There was a really good atmosphere all through the day, and Timandra Harkness was a brilliant speaker & host.”

Professor Paul Watson, Director of the Digital Institute, Professor of Computer Science, Newcastle University