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April 2020

Online: Private Facebook Group 


ATOMICON: Online Conference

We worked with Andrew & Pete to quickly adapt the one day conference, destined to fill Sage Gateshead, to an online spectacular, with a month of online fringe events running up to the main conference date. Managing speakers, sponsors and delegates we were able to ensure the community were delivered all the content, all the networking opportunities, and all the fun of a traditional IRL conference. A private facebook group suited the membership organisation well, and meant we had a whole range of flexibility on the streaming capacity and attendees were able to engage with the content, speakers and each other. In particular ‘Table Discussions’ allowed attendees to informally network with those with similar interests.  Keynotes were delivered from Andrew and Pete, Mari Smith and Drew Davis and averaged 1.1k comments from attendees each. 785 international delegates meant the day ran from 10am – 7pm to suit all time-zones and there was a wealth of content (37 Fringe Sessions, 3 Keynotes and 18 Speaker Sessions!) that attendees could re-watch at a later date.

These guys rock. I’ve lost of the count of the amount of times I’ve asked Sophie something, and she’s already pre-thought and sorted it. Our sanity levels have been kept at a manageable (lol) level because we know these guys have the operations under control. 

Andrew Pickering, Andrew & Pete