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May 2019

National Innovation Centres for Ageing and Data, Newcastle upon Tyne

Building Animation Project

The purpose of this project was to research and develop a pipeline of potential exhibitions, talks, events, symposiums and displays to take place within The Catalyst, the new home of the National Innovation Centres for Data and Ageing that opens on the Newcastle Helix site in December 2019.


The overall aim of this piece of work was to support the mission of the National Innovation Centres to make the work of the Centres visible, showcasing innovation relevant to people’s lives – no longer is innovation to take place behind closed doors. Innovation should be engaging, innovative and public in nature.

The intention is to use the facilities and spaces within the building to introduce the two Centres to a diverse audience both public and professional, encourage fellow innovators to the building, promote the aims, purpose and activities of the two Centres, and stimulate a wider debate on what it means to age well, for longer.


We worked with two other consultants to devise a 2-year programme based on a series of 4 month themed exhibitions. Each theme would include core exhibition elements to engage the public, as well as a series of fringe activities, events and workshops to complement the theme.

“It’s been great working with you. You have really opened our eyes to what’s out there, which has been invaluable.”
Angela Craggs, National Innovation Centre for Data

“I just wanted to say thank you for the work you have done on the report and presentation.  It’s been lovely working with you.”
Sarah Nolan, National Innovation Centre for Ageing