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Our Top 3 Zero-Waste Suppliers for Events

Every year a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste are dumped. If all this waste was put on trucks, they would go around the world 24 times. [World Waste Facts, 2023] Which is why, today, at BeaconHouse Events, we are celebrating Global Recycling Day, an initiative to promote the vitality of recycling across the globe.

As a business we are committed to ensuring sustainability is a key component of any event planning we do. We endeavour to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever we can. Over the years we have made small changes that have big impact at scale, from re-fill water stations to only printing the essentials, but we continue to strive to be better and challenge the whole supply chain of our events, keeping waste to the absolute minimum.

Here we share our top 3 suppliers who are supporting our sustainable journey, driving positive change and offering innovative zero waste alternatives.

Sustainable Event Power

What are events without the sound and lights, well…INGRAM AV, is an audio-visual equipment supplier on a mission to make event power more sustainable. INGRAM have designed and built in-house a portable power station. The power station can generate its own energy using built-in solar panels. This piece of kit helps to keep emissions down to an absolute minimum. Every detail is considered with Ingram, even down to the electric vehicles used to bring equipment onsite!

Earth Friendly Paper

With smartphones and event apps a paperless event is now a reality, however if some print is needed, we look to seed paper or other biodegradable alternatives. Little Green Paper Shop, based in Cheshire have a large selection of eco-friendly paper alternatives. They have every SWAG item you need for your event; name tags, coasters, stickers, bookmarks, wristbands and pens, all biodegradable, made from seed paper. When the product has reached its end use after an event, instead of going to landfill, its purpose is to give back to the earth, to be planted and grow beautiful flowers. Their newest Eco Cotton range is made from waste from the textile industry – from old t-shirts, socks, dresses and jeans. We are seeing more and more eco-friendly paper alternatives popping up and these new exciting materials will be a great addition and marketing story for any event.

Feed a Friend

We are extremely waste-conscious when it comes to food at our events, we work with our clients to limit the amount of food waste, however, sometimes we find ourselves with some spare lunches. A charity close to our hearts is People’s Kitchen, they support homeless and vulnerable people in the Newcastle area, providing them with a sustaining meal for free. If you would like to get involved, you can donate to their Feed a Friend for a Fiver campaign.

BeaconHouse Events are proud to be taking charge and making events sustainable and we’re always on the lookout for sustainable suppliers, charities and initiatives within the UK to work with. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via or call +44 (0)191 691 3456.