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Micebook Awards 2024

BeaconHouse Events has been recognised as ‘Highly Commended’ at The micebook Awards 2024 in the category of ‘Best Sustainable Event’.

The micebook awards are global and recognise the event industry’s ability to craft and shape unforgettable moments. The development of ‘The Good Festival’ ambition for TechNExt in 2023 scooped BeaconHouse Events the coveted prize at the prestigious ceremony in London. Guests from across the national and international event space were welcomed to the The Landmark London to enjoy an evening of celebration and storytelling with other recognised businesses.

The ‘Best Sustainable Event’ category focused on ambitious and innovative approaches to sustainability in the global events sector. The ‘Good Festival Ambition’ was proactively created by BeaconHouse Events and was recognised by the judges for driving the ‘for good’ agenda for the festival.

Sarah Thackray, Co-Founder and Director at BeaconHouse Events said; “Sustainability was a key ambition for the festival. From the start, the team was committed to delivering consistent, considered actions that pushed the festival forward when it came to sustainability, rather than focusing on lofty promises and big statements. The Good Festival Ambition and the Sustainability Code of Conduct made sure that all aspects of the festival could be interrogated and teams could sense check decisions and hold each other accountable throughout the process.

The Good Festival concept was entirely created and led by BeaconHouse Events including all initiatives introduced, and whilst we had some resistance (especially to our vegetarian by default approach) we kept pushing the agenda forward with the mission to shift behaviours and drive real sustainable change.

Seeing this work recognised on a global stage is an enormous achievement for the whole team. This year we celebrate 10 years in business and it is incredible to be recognised alongside some of the biggest names in the sector, congratulations to winners Worlds Better & HP Industrial, you inspire us every day with the work you are delivering. As a North East business it was particularly exciting to be the only Northern business to be recognised on the evening, we are proud to be representing the incredible work being delivered in the region when it comes to sustainability.”

Over the past year, BeaconHouse Events has spearheaded collaborative efforts to offset its carbon footprint ethically and instigate sustainable practices industry-wide. This includes ‘meat-free by default’ catering at major events (a tactic that significantly reduced the carbon impact with one simple, measurable change), an investment into in-depth carbon tracing technology trace and donating the carbon credit equivalent to local charities and community organisations including Groundwork NE and Cumbria who align with the business’ mission.