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It’s a dog’s life (at Hoult’s Yard)

January marks National Dog Walking Month, and it got us thinking about how lucky we are to have our HQ in such a dog-friendly environment!

Hoult’s Yard is full of furry colleagues, so we thought we would head out with office pups Luna and Raven sniff out the best local places for office pups (and their humans) to enjoy when they need some time away from the office… 

Our event manager, Katie often brings her lab Luna to the office. Talking about what it means for her work-life balance she said, “It’s amazing. I had always wanted a dog, but I didn’t think that there would be enough flexibility working in events to do it. About a year into the role I decided that I would like to get one so I spoke to Sarah and Cat and asked if I could change my working hours to have longer lunch breaks so I could cycle home and walk her, and I asked if she would be able to come into the office sometimes and they said yes. When she was just a pup she would just come in on a Friday so she wasn’t too disruptive, but now that she is older she comes in all the time. Bringing Luna into the office gives me a real incentive to step away from my desk over lunch and get some fresh air; I value that hour to be able to think, come up with new ideas, and re-focus, especially during busy periods.” 

Hoult’s Yard is full of furry colleagues so we thought we would head out with office pups Luna and Raven sniff out the best local places for office pups (and their humans) to enjoy when they need some time away from the office… 

Cake Stories 

Based in the heart of Hoult’s Yard, Cake Stories is a lunchtime favourite for the BeaconHouse team. Dogs are welcome inside the café or you can choose to enjoy a delicious lunch or tasty coffee in the outside seating space during the summer months too. 

Lunchtime walkies 

We always encourage our team to step away from their desks at lunchtime and stretch their legs. With Hoult’s Yard just a stone’s throw from Newcastle’s iconic Quayside, there are plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air and regroup. The office is perfectly located to take a lunchtime walk by the river or along the Hadrian’s Wall cycle path which is easily accessible nearby. 

Full Circle Brew Co.

Our Hoult’s Yard neighbours at Full Circle Brew have an amazing dog-friendly beer garden at their Newcastle Tap Room. With an ever-evolving range of great beers, this venue is a great option for relaxing after work – they even have a bespoke pizza oven so you can grab a Naples-inspired pizza if you’re feeling peckish too (we’re sure there will be a four-legged friend who can help you with the crusts…). 

Discount Pet Superstore 

Just behind Hoult’s Yard on Brinkburn Street you’ll find a treasure trove of natural dog treats, food, and pet supplies that your pooch will love. Discount Pet Superstore sells all of the essentials to keep your dog calm and happy while they are spending time in the office with you, and the staff are always on hand with some pats and a biscuit if you pop in with your dog too! 


Just a ten-minute stroll from Hoult’s Yard and you’ll find yourself in the Ouseburn Valley. There are tonnes of dog-friendly pubs and eateries in the area, but one of our team’s favourites is Kiln. You can choose from amazing brunch and lunch dishes, and their Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired evening menu is served from 5pm too, making it a great choice for an early tea after work. Dogs are welcome both inside and outside, so it’s the perfect venue all year round. 

Do you enjoy having your four-legged friend in the office with you? Let us know your favourite places to visit together and find out more about life at BeaconHouse Events over on our social channels!