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A – Z of Events

September signals a fresh start, years after graduation and even more years since last hearing a school bell - we still get that 'Back to School' feeling.

This year, with a summer of long nights, an unexpected heatwave, extended stays in the local beer garden and a string of World Cup successes September has arrived with a jolt. Back to routine it is. The lure of the beer garden diminished, desire to exercise outdoors evaporated, we have the ‘new academic year, new me’ mentality. Swathed in knitwear, armed with a fresh set of stationery (naturally), it’s a new term. As the leaves fall and the slow-cooked Sunday roasts beckon we are re-doing the A-Z the Event Managers way…

A is for AV. Technically, your best friends on-site. Making the lights brighter, the sound clearer and your set look fantastic. NOTE: They can normally be bribed with sweet goods.
B is for BeaconHouse Events. The go to event management agency.
C is for Canapés. Big ones, small ones, fishy ones and vol au vents. They’re our tasty, bite sized fuel source.
D is for ‘Day Delegate Rate’. A package to include all your room hire, food, refreshments and AV (we prefer the DDR with continuous coffee and Fox’s mints).
E is for ETA. We live for schedules with accurately estimated arrival times. Cue hilarity when we also had a conference that was shortened to ETA. What is the ETA of ETA…ETA? ETA? What?!
F is for Festive Soirées. The Christmas Party beckons, you’re sick of trying to please everyone “no, Sharon we can’t have an ice-luge and free-flow Grey Goose”. Remove the stress, let us put the HO HO HO in your holiday season.
G is for Green. Events can produce a lot of waste, we constantly work to reduce ‘one use’ products and seek green alternates as part of our environmental promise to our clients.
H is for Hospitality. Trust us to ensure your guests are wowed and welcomed. We know the best locations, food, drink and entertainment on the market and we always deliver the information with a smile.
I is for Initiative. We have it in spades. Why not have Amazon Alexa’s on hand to give delegates key information, directions to conference rooms and other FAQ’s.
J is for Joy. We go above and beyond to make all the “I’s” are dotted and all the “t’s” are crossed, delegates, sponsors, guests and clients all leave our events with a smile on their face and a ticket for next year.
K is for Keynote. The experts everyone wants to see and hear. We’ve had the pleasure of working with inspirational names such as, Bank of England’s Mark Carney, the infamous Wayne Hemmingway, Tim Smit from The Eden Project, Julian Leighton of Orangebus, Dame Stephanie Shirley, Sir John Thompson, and Snapchat’s Nick Bell to name a few.
L is for Lanyards. They adorn our necks, they become collectors items, colourful, recyclable, sponsorable…they’re great. But, keeping 1,000 lanyards from getting in a knot – that mystery is yet to be solved.
M is for MC. A master of ceremonies, a voice of God, an emcee or compere. Some of the best have an extensive Rolodex of jokes and of source are on our speed dial.
N is for Name Badges. We are exploring some inventive badging solutions at BHE HQ currently. Expect high quality, eco friendly badges at an event near you soon.
O is for Open Bar. A rare species, not often spotted in the wild and close to becoming extinct. Note to self: Plan fundraiser for dwindling open bar numbers, perhaps with an event with an open bar…
P is for Poseur Table. A tall table exclusively for posing on. However, we’re extremely flexible and always allow chatting and drinks resting. We are nice like that.
Q is for Queue. Well versed in queues and crowds, we manage 24,000 guests through the Great North Pasta Party queue annually. Helping the Great North Runners carb load for over 12 years.
R is for Risk Assessment. It’s not always sexy (although we do look good in hard hats), but we are dedicated to Health & Safety across our portfolio.
S is for Solving. Solving problems clients didn’t know they had. It’s one of our superpowers.
T is for Tall Boys, a cost-effective type of banner used at events to maximise branding. It’s cheaper than a pop up banner and more effective. You are welcome.
U is for Umbrellas. Branded umbrellas are a great idea for a multi site or outdoor event. You’ll probably see us in a poncho though, got to have them hands free for the clipboard.
V is for VIPs. We’ve hosted so many we’d love to tell the tales, but then we’d have to kill you.
W is for White Tie. The attire you’d wear to the Embassy and then exclaim, ‘Ambassador with these Rocher you are really spoiling us!’
X is for X-traordinary. We specialise in creating an event experience that is absolutely extraordinary for our clients. We call it ‘standard’.
Y is for YES! We make it happen. Can find a flying pig for your festival? Yes. Can we jump in to help deliver the event in a week? Yes.
Z is for Zoo. A potential venue for your event. Plenary with the platypuses, break out session with the baboons and cocktails with the camels. A perfect day.

We’ll see you soon for your next lesson…