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Doha, Qatar,

World Petroleum Congress

BeaconHouse Events provided an additional resource to work in Doha, Qatar for to plan, implement and deliver the onsite registration strategy for the 20th World Petroleum Congress. We planned the IT hardware requirements for 60 registration desks (including webcams, PC, monitors, telephone lines) and liaised with the client to ensure their timely installation, we liaised with venue and other suppliers to ensure high quality installation and management of the 10 registration areas which we would later use to welcome over 35,000 event attendees. We recruited 20 temporary staff to manage sub teams onsite and trained and managed the 150 strong registration volunteer team, as well as setting up and coordinating the delivery, packing and distribution of the materials for the registration counters and delegate bags (5,000) through designated support team.

I have to say that Sarah was one of the people I really enjoyed working with on the WPC project. She is such a pleasant person who somehow manages to keep a smile on her face even in the hardest of times!

Ossama El-Buy, Head of Logistics, Qatar Petroleum & The 20th World Petroleum Congress